When Systems Engineering Meets Software Language Engineering (bibtex)
@inproceedings{jezequel:hal-01024166, url = {http://hal.inria.fr/hal-01024166}, title = {{When Systems Engineering Meets Software Language Engineering}}, author = {J{\'e}z{\'e}quel, Jean-Marc and Mendez, David and Degueule, Thomas and Combemale, Benoit and Barais, Olivier}, abstract = {{The engineering of systems involves many different stakeholders, each with their own domain of expertise. Hence more and more organizations are adopting Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) to allow domain experts to express solutions directly in terms of relevant domain concepts. This new trend raises new challenges about designing DSLs, evolving a set of DSLs and coordinating the use of multiple DSLs for both DSL designers and DSL users. This paper explores various dimensions of these challenges, and outlines a possible research roadmap for addressing them. The message of this paper is also to claim that if language engineering techniques to design any single (disposable) language are mature, the language engineering community needs to fundamentally change its view on software language design. We need to take the next step and adopt the perspective that a software language is, fundamentally, software too and thus the result of a composition of design decisions. These design decisions should be represented as first-class entities in the software languages workbench and it should be possible, during the language lifecycle, to add, remove and change language design decisions with limited effort to go from continuous design to continuous meta-design.}}, booktitle = {{Complex Systems Design \& Management (CSD\&M'14)}}, publisher = {Springer}, address = {Paris, France}, year = {2014}, month = Nov, pdf = {http://hal.inria.fr/hal-01024166/PDF/csdm14-sle.pdf}, }
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